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The British Association of Rodentologists is the only recognised association dedicated to the promotion of healthcare for rodents. Formed in 1994, the BAR has offered specialist training to many people interested in the health and welfare of rodents, especially Guinea Pigs.

The training offered by the BAR extends well beyond guinea pigs, providing the opportunity for students and members to increase their knowledge in a broader range of rodent species. This website supports the simple objective of improving the healthcare knowledge to an increasing number of people who keep rodents as pets.

We are committed to forging close links with the veterinary profession, helping to bridge the knowledge gap to ultimately allow for a better service to be provided for rodents.


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The Official Guide to Guinea Pig Diagnostics, Surgery, Medication and Welfare

Vedra's book is packed with information for Professionals and pet owners alike. Anything you need or want to know is covered in this 189 page reference book which is packed with pictures and illustrations to help the reader. Useful information on welfare and diagnostics will help owners and their pets whilst more specific surgical techniques are described for the professionals who carry out such work.